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The Grants Committee of the Mozingo Endowment of the Indianapolis Chapter, American Guild of Organists, accepts grant applications from individuals and tax-exempt organizations.

 Examples of favored projects:

  • Education of organists,

  • Promotion of the organ and its music to the general public,

  • Composition and publication of organ music,

  • Improvement of the status of church music and church musicians,

  • Scholarships and study programs,

  • Competitions,

  • Research and preservation of the history of the organ, organists, organ music and composers,

  • Conferences, seminars, and workshops,

  • Recitals and concerts,

  • Broadcasts and recordings.

Some guidelines that might be helpful are:

  1. Support for continuation of a project will not usually be granted.  Grants will not be awarded to applicants who have received grants from us previously AND who have submitted an unsatisfactory final report or no final report.

  2. Grants will be, in most cases, in the range of $500 to $2,000.

  3. Grants for specific projects will be favored over those for general support of an organization.

  4. Grants for support of concerts, scholarships, research and the like will be favored over those for the purchase of goods or equipment.

  5. Grants for innovative projects will be favored over those for established projects.

  6. Grants must be for educational or charitable purposes only. If for an organization, the organization should be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

  7. Preference will be given to applicants who are making significant efforts to seek other support as well.  For public events, such as recitals, we generally give no more than half the “hard dollar” cost of the project.

  8. Grants usually will not be awarded to the same person or organization until three years have elapsed since the end of the previous grant period.

The timetable for receipt of grants and subsequent awarding of a grant is as follows: 

  • For applications received from August 16 through December 15, awarded grants will be given on February 1.

  • For applications received from December 16 through April 15, awarded grants will be given on June 1.

  • For applications received from April 16 through August 15, awarded grants will be given on October 1.


Applications will be considered only if they follow a specific format, and official application blanks and directions may be obtained by e-mailing or writing to:

John A. Seest, Chair
Grants Committee
5212 N. Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Please specify whether you intend to apply as an individual or as a tax-exempt organization. An appropriate application will be sent to you upon request.

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